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Customizable Marble Buffet Table
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Customizable Marble Buffet Table

This is a customizable buffet table, which can suit for anywhere. We have been designed for many restaurants. All of the feedback are 5 starts. Many lockers are designed on the whole of the dining table to facilitate access to items and improve space utilization.
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The buffet table is also calling a food display table. The buffet stove is generally use for hot dishes. And the soup barrel use for soup. It can not only arrange in the center of the banquet hall. But also, can place in the corner of the banquet hall. You can also set up a complete large table. Or consist of a main table and several small tables. Common buffet tables have the following designs: ① "I" type table: that is, a long table. That is the most basic table type, and is often placed against the wall. ② "L"-shaped table: composed of two long tables. Usually placed in a corner of the restaurant. ③ "O" type table: that is, a round table. Often place in the center of the restaurant. We will introduce the basic one.


The picture is a rendering of the project undertaken by our company. This buffet table is completely design by our company's designers. The length of the dining table can customize according to the data which is you provide. First of all, the dining table is roughly divided into 2 parts. That is the heating and keeping area and the cooling and fresh-keeping area. Except for the hydrothermal insulation area. Both of the cooling/heating areas cool/heat by marble. The marble of the countertop is polish, and smooth by our special process. Specially design voids at both ends can use to place the chocolate fountains machine or soup stoves. This greatly improves the space utilization of the dining table. Of cause, you can place anything just you want. Because you bought it and you are its master. Am I right?


This is the refrigeration and preservation part on the buffet table, which can use for the preservation of salads, fruits, etc. The lid is close to prevent cold air from escaping when not in use. Avoid the problem that the food inside is spoiled. Because of the insufficient temperature. The perforate steel plate design at the bottom can help the cold air to spread upwards more evenly. This ensures that each food retains its taste. The pattern in the crystal and the length of the crystal can customize. The crystal column next to it can illuminate. The purpose of this is to slightly change the color of the food. In order to make it appear more appetizing. On the other side of it is the ice-making area. So, it can use to prevent seafood, sushi and other foods. Ice cubes form on the bottom to help keep fresh.


Let's look at the other half of the dining table. This half is for heating warm food. Put the iron plate on the marble heating plate and then put the barbecue or Chinese food on it. The score plate on the opposite side needs to put the food which is has been heated. Because this is only heated with water. It cannot use to cook food. The size and number of fractional discs can also customize according to your requirements. Overall, this buffet table is fully customizable.


There are plenty of vacant spots under the dining table. In addition to the working parts use to place the table configuration, it can also use to place sundries or another buffet-related cutlery. Next to each tray card slot are two doors that can be opened and closed for easy access to items. If you think the dust cover on the dining table is too small or too large. Please don’t worried, because it can customize according to your ideas.


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