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Customizable Commercial Buffet Table
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Customizable Commercial Buffet Table

This is a customizable buffet table, which can suit for anywhere. We have been designed for many restaurants. All of the feedback are 5 starts. Many lockers are designed on the whole of the dining table to facilitate access to items and improve space utilization.
  • BMH-1007

  • BMH

The overall color of this buffet table is white and gold. It is more suitable for buffet restaurants with bright theme colors. But you should note that this dining table is made of marble. Since there is no marble commensurate with the dining table. The table is pieced together. In terms of quality, you can rest assured. That is, we have a mature splicing process, 12 years of production experience as well. A small section of the table is design with gold metal edging. Making the table looks brighter. The lights are also blue sterilization lamps. And the spaces where the dishes are place. There are many lands on the ground also.

multifaction restaurant buffet table1

This one is similar in design to the previous one, with 6 dining areas. But the following points are different. First of all, this dining table is specially design with a sink. So that can convenient for you to wash your hands nearby. When you get food but your hands dirty. In order to keep your personal clean and tidy. The second is to hollow out an opening at the other end of the dining table. With a small refrigerator. This makes it very popular in summer. Because this one-piece dining table solves the problem of people wanting to eat. But worrying about no place to wash their hands.

restaurant buffet serving table1

As you can see, the glass dust cover above the dining table. Which is labeled with the corresponding food name. It can make it easier for people to identify food. And reduce waste. On the other hand, the height of the crystal column is also a little shorter than other dining tables. In that way, people who can distinguish the dishes by the notices on the dustproof easily. Another function of the crystal column is to help share the weight of the dustproof glass above. Although the effect may not large. It is also beneficial to improve the stability of the dust cover


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