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Commercial machine ice crusher
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Commercial machine ice crusher

The ice crusher, also known as the shaved ice machine, is a device used in cold drink shops to make ice drinks.
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The ice crusher, also known as the shaved ice machine, is a device used in cold drink shops to make ice drinks. Ice crushers and shaving ice machines have similar functions. The ice shaving machine can only shave large pieces of ice into ice stubble, which is used for making ice porridge and shaving ice. The ice crushing machine is responsible for making small crushed ice. Using them in cola, cold drinks, smoothies and other drinks is one of the necessary equipment for cold drink shops.

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1. In order to ensure safety, it is not allowed to directly press the ice block for cutting by hand.

2. After each use, it must be cleaned. When cleaning, the main power switch should be turned off, the plug should be unplugged, and then the water on the machine should be wiped dry with a clean towel. After cleaning, remember to lift the gland handle.

3. Cleaning agents are not allowed to be used during cleaning to prevent pollution caused by the cleaning agents remaining on the machine. Do not wash it directly with water to prevent the electrical components from being damp, which will affect the safe use and damage the machine.

4. The design temporary cut-off rate of the motor of this machine is 80%, so long-term continuous operation should be avoided. After working continuously for one hour, you should pause for 20 minutes before starting to work. This will greatly extend the life of the motor.

5. Whether it is cleaning, maintenance, blade replacement or clearing ice slag and other related work, you should first turn off the power and unplug the power plug. The machine is not allowed to run without load for a long time.

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