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Commercial Steam Cabinet 3 Door
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Commercial Steam Cabinet 3 Door

Designated steamer of Real Kungfu Catering.

  • DMD

This floor standing 3 tier electric steamer can meet all the steam cooking needs for your busy kitchen. The machine has a built in steam generator which can produce steam very quick for faster cooking. The steam utilization efficiency is as high as 99%, and it saves energy 45% more than traditional steamer. At the same time, it lowers the operating costs. The three separate steam chambers have their own control panels allow for time and temperature setting in cooking. What's more, each compartment features its own water drain valve for easy cleaning. Thanks to its independence, when one cooking chamber has errors occur, the other two chambers work normal. This fast food steamer can hold up to 9 of steam pans (505x505mm). Each door has a reversible gasket for a leak-proof, airtight sea. Thanks for its superior tightness, the temperature inside the steam cabinet can reach 103 degrees Celsius.

electric steamer for cooking

Product Specification

Product name

Commercial steam cabinet



Machine size


Tank size






Steam tray size


Product Properties

1. This steam cabinet features a built in steam generator that can produce steam in 30 seconds

2. Each tier comes equipped with a digital control panels allow you set time and temperature

3. The three cooking compartments are separate and independent, therefore when one compartment appears errors, the other two compartments can still work normally

4. Each solid door has a silica gel gasket which is easy to replace and easy to clean

5. The temperature inside the cabinet can reach 103°C, and the pressure can reach 6-8kpa, the cooking is faster

6. This 3 tier steamer is made of 304 stainless steel construction, the whole body is foaming and insulation

commercial 3 tier steamer with independent control panels

3 door steam cabinet commercial kitchen equipment

stainless steel seafood steamer with built in steam generator

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