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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Guide
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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Guide

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90cm cooking range

Commercial kitchen is an important place for restaurants to engage in cooking activities. The kitchen has a series of cooking equipment for food service providers to prepare and store food. Depending on the design and area, the kitchen equipment is also different.

induction range cooker 90cm

Depending on the scale, the commercial kitchen has large size, medium size and small size. The large kitchen can server for 1500 people in one day. The medium size kitchen can serve for 500 people while in the small kitchen is about 50. The area of the kitchen determines the size of the kitchenware.

Chinese restaurant

gas wok burner

Firstly, the large kitchen needs the whole set of 90cm cooking range with stand. The automatic dishwasher, combi steam oven and walk-in cold room are necessary. Secondly, the medium kitchen needs the whole set of 70cm cooking range with stand. The hood type dishwasher, convection oven and 4-door refrigerator are necessary. Finally, for a small kitchen serve for 50 people, the dishwasher is not necessary. The cooking stove tends to table top models. A small bake oven and microwave oven maybe needed.

4 door refrigerator

work table

Depending on the dishes, the kitchen equipment is different. The gas wok burner with strong blue fire is suitable to make stir fry food in Chinese restaurant. While in western restaurant, a stove with oven is more popular. The stove has a slow fire for frying steaks. The oven is to bake chicken and bread. In fast casual restaurant, deep fryer, barbecue grill and food warmer are necessary in the kitchen.

food warmer

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