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Commercial Kitchen DIY
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Commercial Kitchen DIY

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How to DIY my kitchen if I am going to open a restaurant?In the process of designing the layout of your commercial kitchen, you may think about whether this position can accommodate your oven, whether this height is suitable for your chefs, whether this layout is reasonable...... Well, the BMH company can offer you a place to spark your imagination to your future kitchen.

cooking stove

If you want your kitchen to be smart, smart cooking equipment is important, such as automatic pasta cooker, computer French fryer, and accurate cutting machine. All equipment is controlled by one button. You only need to set the time and temperature without special supervision. The menu preset function saves time and effort. Set up the menu in advance, turn on the power and wait for the food to come out, allowing you to experience the convenience and happiness brought by technology.

smart kitchen experience

automatic pasta cooker

How to make your fast-food buffet at the same cost but superior to others at the self-serving counter? You need a professional and liable marble buffet counter manufacturer. A holding station for rice, soup, and dishes, through the proper distribution of each working area, improve the efficiency of space utilization. Therefore, each food for sale can be clearly presented in front of customers. Stainless steel countertops and marble decorative surfaces look clean and hygienic, making people eat at ease and more attractive to customers.

fast food buffet counter

Some design for warming food: rice warmer, soup warmer, dish warmer. Make the holes on the counter so that you can fit your rice bowl, soup pot and food pan.

food warmer

Chain fast food kitchen, using steam generator to cook the ingredients is one of the fastest ways. At the same time, it retains the nutrient moisture and original flavor of the ingredients. The dining window is located at the three-layer food warming cabinet. Next to the food warmer cabinet there is a bun steamer and the deep-fried food holding cabinet. The steaming cabinet is designed in one piece, which saves kitchen space and reduces sanitary dead corners. The double-way open door design separates the cooking area from the meal preparation area, the working is more efficient.

steam cabinet

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