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Commercial Induction Cooktop 30kw
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Commercial Induction Cooktop 30kw

This is an induction cooker with stir fry function. The 15kw high power hob provides fast cooking. A delicious main dishes only cost a few minutes, and the process will not produce cooking fume.

This 15kw single hob induction stove adopts the magnetic technology. The cooking temperature is digital and visual. The chef can adjust the temperature for a precisely cooking. This cabinet type induction cooktop made in 304 stainless steel. The whole body is waterproof and easy to clean. The cabinet allow the chef to store pots and utensils. In front of the cabinet, there is a LED device to real-time display of power gear. The 180° swing faucet can help the chef to add water quickly. The heating surface is scratch resistant and durable. The cooking heat will not disappear when the wok leaving the hob. This cooking stove can create a green kitchen because it only produces a few oil smokes. And it is more energy saving and safe to use.

commercial induction stove single burner

Product Specification

Product name

Induction Wok

Double Burner with one basin Induction   Wok





800x800x (810+30) mm

1800x800x (810+30) mm

Rated power


2 x 15kW

Rated voltage



commercial induction cooktop specification

Product Properties

1. Body made of 304 stainless steel

2. Glass ceramic cooking panel for fast heat

3. Each wok can serve for 60 people

4. The feet is adjustable and non slip

5. LED display to watch the temperature

6. Over heat protection for safe use

7. IPX6 waterproof for easy clean

15kw induction cooker details_01

15kw induction cooker details_02

15kw induction cooker details_03

15kw induction cooker details_04

15kw induction cooker details_05

15kw induction cooker details_06


This high power induction cooker is suitable for hotels, restaurants and factories. It is a total cooking solution for Chinese food. With the 15kw induction hob, you can stir fry any meat and vegetable in few minutes. Each time can provide meals for about 60 people. The induction cooking way save about 40% energy compare with gas. And it hardly produces oil fume during cooking. This cooking range has single and double hob. Each hob operates a power of 15kw, 380v.

high power induction stove application_01

high power induction stove application_02

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