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Commercial 5 Tray Convection Oven
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Commercial 5 Tray Convection Oven

The fan spreads heat quickly in the convection oven, which can make the temperature in the oven more uniform, and the foods will be heated more evenly. The foods are well colored and more crispy.


This convection oven has an excellent baking effect in color and crispy of foods. It features a two speed fan which spreads the hot air through the entire chamber of the oven. The assisted fan heats up the oven fast and ensures the temperature in the oven is uniform. Fast and even heating will help to color the food evenly, and the skin of the food is more crispy. This countertop convection oven boasts a 3.5kw of heating power and requires 220v electric connection. It has the capacity to hold up to (5) 16" x 24" standard full size baking pans. The single glass door allows you to watch the cooking without opening the door and releasing hot air. It also contains an interior light to see what is cooking. This micro convection oven features a digital control panel with 12 menu preset programs.

commercial convection oven for baking cakes

Product Specification

Product name

Micro convection oven

Product size


Chamber size


Packing size






Gross weight


Product Properties

1. Micro convection oven with digital control panel

2. Digital display time and temperature, easy to adjust

3. Can pre set up to 12 menus for a variety of foods

4. Boasts 60 liters of baking chamber with (5) 16" x 24" baking pans

5. Assisted fan helps to circulate the hot air in the oven for even cooking

6. Glass door and interior light help you to check the cooking progress without opening the door and reducing heat loss

7. Several cooking modes includes broil function and steam injection

8. The oven features stainless steel interior and exterior is easy to clean

countertop 5 tray convection oven for sale

micro convection oven requires 220v electrical connection

fan assisted convection oven boasts 6.5kw of heating power

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