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Combi Oven 4 Trays
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Combi Oven 4 Trays

Combi oven can provide the most direct and best efficiency and cooking quality. Including steaming, boiling, roasting, frying, stewing, baking, making you more comfortable in cooking, is your indispensable good partner.
  • YWKX-4


In the past, in order to cook a table of dishes, chefs need a lot of cooking equipment. The kitchen must equip with convection oven, steamer, deep fryer, etc. What's worse, the chefs must spend a lot of time and energy to keep an eye on the food and clean the machines. This combi oven provides a perfect solution to solve these complicated works. It has three cooking modes, steam, roast, steam and roast. The combination of hot air and steam will help you complete your tasks in a new way of cooking. You can finish the dishes with stir-fry, grill, stew, and steam in one machine. And you don't have to worry that your ingredients are meat, fish, vegetable, or bread. The combi oven can identify the size, quantity, and state of food. It will continuously adjust the temperature, hot air and time according to the cooking progress.

combi oven 4 trays

Product Specification

Product name

combi oven 4 trays




with 4 cooking net

Product size






electric combination convection steam oven specification

Product Properties

1. Computer LCD screen

2. Up to 12 menu for each cuisine

3. 4 stainless steel racks

4. 30–130 °C in steam mode

5. 30–300 °C in convection mode

6. 30–300 °C in steam and convection mode

7. Two-step opening door to avoid steam burns

8. Double layer tempered glass door

9. Equips with shower faucet for cleaning

commercial stainless steel combi oven 4 pans details_01

commercial stainless steel combi oven 4 pans details_03

commercial stainless steel combi oven 4 pans details_04

commercial stainless steel combi oven 4 pans details_05

commercial stainless steel combi oven 4 pans details_07

commercial stainless steel combi oven 4 pans details_10

commercial stainless steel combi oven 4 pans details_11

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