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Chinese Wooden Handle Duck Knife
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Chinese Wooden Handle Duck Knife

A good kitchen knife can do more with less. Not only saves time and effort. And it can also help you save money on knives. It is one of the most widely used kitchen knives in modern Chinese households.
  • BMH-1025

  • 陈枝记

A piece of duck knife, what is a piece of duck knife. As the name suggests, it is a knife specially designed for duck meat. For example. It is like a knife specially used for sliced Peking duck. Of course, you can also slice other types of meat according to your needs. As one of the types of Chinese kitchen knives. Although its history is not long, it is also well-known for its duck restaurants. The handle of this duck knife makes of wood. Because it feels better than stainless steel. Many chefs also prefer knives with wooden handles. The blade is square and rectangular with a ratio of 5:3. According to the size. The blade knife characterizes a large knife area and an appropriate weight. Under the action of gravitational acceleration when the knife is dropped, the precise chopping ability can greatly improved.

professional chef knife set (3)

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professional chef knife set

Tool maintenance method

1. Regular sharpening tools, cleaning tool dirt, etc.

1. Do not place the tool near the fire source, or immerse it in wateror corrosive liquid for a long time.

3. The knife should place in a dry place with good ventilation and without acid or alkali corrosion.

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