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Chinese Traditional Kitchen Knife
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Chinese Traditional Kitchen Knife

This kitchen knife belongs to the civil and military knife in the Chinese kitchen knife. It is one of the most widely used kitchen knives in modern Chinese households.
  • BMH-1024

  • 陈枝记

The diversity of Chinese cuisine gives Chinese kitchen knives the characteristics of cutting and shooting. One kitchen knife goes all over the world has also become the highest praise for chefs and kitchen knives. However, Chinese kitchen knives did not have such powerful functions from the beginning. It continued to grow with the development of Chinese cooking technology. Even Chinese kitchen knives are useful, such as slicing knives, bone cutters, etc. Therefore, there is not only one type of contemporary Chinese kitchen knife. At the same time, these high-quality Chinese kitchen knives also provide potential for the ultimate breakthrough of Chinese cuisine.

professional chef knife set (2)

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Tool maintenance method

1. Regular sharpening tools, cleaning tool dirt, etc.

1. Do not place the tool near the fire source, or immerse it in wateror corrosive liquid for a long time.

3. The knife should be placed in a dry place with good ventilation and without acid or alkali corrosion.

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