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Cast Iron Square Grill Pan
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Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

This frying pan has a striped groove design, which can not only filter out the excess oil, but also fry to produce attractive burning lines; if it is used to make cooking dishes, the grooves also have the effect of preventing excessive evaporation of water, and then Keep the original flavor of the dishes.

This cast iron square grill pan features integrated groove to add striped marks on fish, pork, and steak. The grill ribs are 0.5cm wide and space 1.5cm apart to allow for easier cleaning and create an impressive presentation. Those ridges also allow juices to run off to prevent proteins from boiling in their own juices. The pre-seasoned cast iron construction makes this frying pan with premium heat retention and even heating. The two loop handles allow you to pick up this grill pan with anti-scald gloves out of the stoves easily. What's more, the four corners of this square frying pan are round design to use as pour spouts make cooking with liquids easy. This grill pan can be heated on gas, induction and electric cooktops which is suitable for any type of kitchen. In addition, its attractive red bottom and handles create an eye-catching display for your customer table.

cast iron cookware grill pan with loop handles

Product Specification

Product name

Cast Iron Square Grill Pan




Enameled cast iron








with two loop handles

Product Properties

1. This grill pan is perfect for cooking fish, pork, and steak, as well as vegetables

2. The grill ridges on the cooking surface add striped marks on the food

3. The two large loop handles are east to hold even if wearing oven gloves

4. This piece with four round corners is easy to drain liquid as well as easy to clean

5. The cast iron construction has good performance on heat retention and even heating

6. This grill pan can work on all kinds of stoves, such as gas, electric, induction and ceramic cooktops.

cast iron cookware grill pan with loop handles specification

kitchenware red enameled cast iron grill skillet

non stick cast iron 26cm square grill frying pan

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