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Blue Glass Sashimi Ice Tray
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Blue Glass Sashimi Ice Tray

This kind of sashimi plate is popular in all over the world. It can help to keep the sashimi fresh with the ice in the plate. And there are many shapes we sale. Not only glass, but also melamine and plastic.
  • BMH-13

  • BMH

Glass tableware is a very common type of tableware in life and it is very popular in consumers. In addition to having a beautiful appearance, it also has the features of easy cleaning. First of all, the glass material is resistant to both high temperature and low temperature. It means that it can use in microwave ovens and fridge. So, when it is use indoors, it can also refract indoor lights and increase indoor brightness. Besides, the chemical properties of glass are stable and not easy to oxidize. even if you use it for food with a strong smell or color. It is not easily stained by food. In addition, glass is one of the safest tableware at present, and popular in countries all over the world. For decades by virtue of this advantage. And it is still very popular in today's technologically advanced world.


Added an extra plastic stand to the bottom of the plate. Not only does this effectively prevent slipping, but it also raises the height of the entire plate. Making it more aesthetically pleasing. The effect of the sting on the plate is shown in the figure. This can achieve when the plate fill with crushed or dry ice.


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