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Automatic Fructose Dispenser
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Automatic Fructose Dispenser

The fructose dispenser machine has a textured paint shell, which is more durable and scratch-resistant than ordinary paint, and the sugar quality is stable.

This syrup dispenser is suitable for viscous liquids with high concentration such as fructose and honey. It is the best way to dispense the accurate amount of sugar that your bubble tea need. The unit features a 304 stainless steel round container to fill the liquid. With 8.3 liters capacity, the unit can offer 2500cc of bubble tea syrup per minute. Pour the fructose liquid inside the round container. Set and select any number to indicate that this button is set to dispense the amount of syrup. Put a container under the nozzle and press the number to get the exact amount of sugar for your bubble tea. The unit also features a copper nozzle which is rust and corrosion resistance. What's more, the nozzle allows you to easily dispense the sugar and easy to clean after one day working. Start your bubble tea business with this automatic sugar dispenser.

Automatic Fructose Dispenser

Product Specification

Product name

Automatic syrup dispenser



Filling accuracy





220v 50hz


2500 cc/min

Machine weight


Machine size


Product Properties

1. Automatic sugar and honey dispenser for bubble tea

2. Easy to read front panel, press buttons for operation

3. 304 stainless steel round fructose liquid containers

4. 2500cc per minute coming out, the accurate amount is ±1cc

5. Copper filling nozzle is rust and corrosion resistance

6. This syrup dispenser machine is compact and take up less of space on your countertop

syrup dispenser machine bubble tea equipment

commercial stainless steel automatic syrup dispenser

automatic sugar dispenser machine for bubble tea

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