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A grill restaurant under the Alps
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A grill restaurant under the Alps

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This case is located in Munich on the banks of the Isar River in the Alps. That is the ancient style of the original capital of the Kingdom of Bavaria is preserved. Combining with the local customs and climate. Superstar team designed such a barbecue restaurant with both traditional styles. And new modern style for the customer. Next, let the editor take everyone to enjoy it together!

A built-in wardrobe is installed at the door (1)

Project Details:

Project location: Munich, Germany

Company name: Hot Point GmbH

Address: Paul-Heyse-Straße 29

Project Progress: Completion

Design unit: China Superstar Decoration Garden Design Co., Ltd.

A built-in wardrobe is installed at the door (2)

In view of the fact that Munich, which is located near the Alps, is  affecting by cold air often. The restaurant is shaping from the log roof on the ceiling of the entrance, with wooden windows. And wooden flower beds on both sides to create a warm street atmosphere. A built-in wardrobe is installed at the door, bringing guests a sense of home comfort.

a super large adjustable LED screen

In the dining room, a dining area within a room is design with using white maple floor tiles. And a classic wooden house shape with a sloping roof to make the space more independent. Irregular green plant frame decorations are set between the decks to enhance privacy. The warm yellow lighting makes the whole space full of warmth and washes away the chill hanging on the guests.

the irregular polygonal bar design

The entire bar is making of logs, and the irregular polygonal bar design reasonably plans the dining area. And aisle space, making the moving line clearer. The fence shape of the ceiling makes the space lively, that is, the height of the ceiling is raised. It is very layered as well.

The warm yellow lighting

The log staircase with warm yellow light strips connects the upper and lower spaces. The staircase leading to the second floor uses a super large adjustable LED screen as the background. Then customers can adjust the scenery of different seasons according to their needs to enhance the sense of atmosphere. The combination of textured wood and plants that can be seen everywhere. These make the whole space full of the fresh taste of nature.

a special feeling in your heart.

The entire transparent floor-to-ceiling windows separate the internal and external spaces. But it does not affect the guests' enjoyment of the scenery outside the window. When winter comes, walking into such a warm and distinctive restaurant. Listening to the sound of meat sizzling on the iron plate, smelling the aroma of food in the air. And admiring the snow scenery outside the window, will give you a special feeling in your heart.

barbecue restaurant with both traditional styles (1)

The Superstar team is committed to creating high-quality designs and non-differentiated decoration. We have accumulated experience for several years, and strive to pursue the consistency of the effect and the real scene, which is better than the rendering. This is the result of the continuous growth of the Superstar team in practice. If you also want to customize a unique restaurant, please contact us. Our company has a professional design team, a professional production factory, and a professional production team. Can provide you with one-stop service.

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