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A Total Solution for Buffet Restaurant
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A Total Solution for Buffet Restaurant

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Royal Gourmand restaurant

"Royal Gourmand" is a buffet restaurant at Saint-Pierre-du-Mont, France. It provides buffet, Japanese sushi and beverage service for guests. In a buffet restaurant, the foods are ready in advance and then place them on the buffet tables. The guests choose their favorite food according to the amount. There are many kinds of food in the buffet restaurant, such as Chinese food, seafood food and desserts.

restaurant interior design

We add a lot of French design elements to this restaurant such as architecture and clothing. We hope to create the purity and romance of the French style. For example, the ceramic tile to the floor symbolizes the nobility and temperament of the French style. The lines of the chairs and tables is in French women's clothing design. The lightings on the wall complement the restaurant space in terms of its shape and color.

buffet equipment

The marble buffet table is a trend at restaurant in European area. It provides a flexible and excellent cafeteria kitchen solution. The buffet counter is in classic and modern design with marble table top. The table shelf can make in transparent glass, stainless steel and wood. What's more, the shelf supports are crystal posts with pattern decorations. The built-in blue lightings add a dining atmosphere to the restaurant. What's more, it makes the food looks better and delicious.

buffet table

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