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A Guide to Professional Pizza Oven
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A Guide to Professional Pizza Oven

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There are currently two professional types of pizza ovens on the market, the deck oven and conveyor oven.

convection oven

The deck oven, or convection oven, which realizes the baking of the pizza through the heat radiation and heat transfer. The deck ovens include two groups of heating element on top and bottom of the chamber. The radiant heat on top transfer heat to the product through the baking chamber. While the conductive heat at base transfer of heat directly into the product from the baking stone. Deck ovens have even, consistent heat that make it ideal for pizza and bread baking.

deck oven

The conveyor pizza oven uses vertical strong circulating hot air to heat the food quickly and evenly. What's more, this kind of oven has low manual technology requirements. It is automatic baking with convenient operation and high output production. The conveyor oven is suitable for pizza shops with a large passenger flow, such as Pizza Hut.

conveyor oven

When choosing a pizza oven, you need to base your choice on the passenger flow. The deck oven usually comes to 2 trays, 4 trays and 6 trays of baking pans. What's more, each baking pan can bake about 6pcs of pizza. The conveyor oven is stackable with 2 or 3 layers, can bake a pizza within 7 minutes.

electric oven for baking

There are gas pizza oven and electric oven for baking. In terms of the baking effect, the pizza baked in the electric oven is drier and crisper; the pizza baked in the gas oven has more moisture. From the perspective of energy consumption costs, the loss cost of electric ovens will be relatively high (380V voltage); while the cost of gas ovens will be lower (about 40% of electricity consumption).

pizza oven

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