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36cm Pressure Cooker
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36cm Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker increases this physical phenomenon through the boiling point of the liquid at a higher pressure, applying pressure to the water, so that the water can reach a higher temperature without boiling, so as to speed up the efficiency of stewing food. It can be used to heat the steamed food to above 100°C. In high altitude areas, the use of a pressure cooker can avoid the problem of lowering the boiling point of water and making it difficult to cook food.

This pressure cooker is the cheetah of the culinary world as it cooks food so fast. At the same time, it retains the vitamins and minerals in the food. You can braise pot roast and stew brisket. It only cost about 10 minutes to cook white rice and 15 minutes to cook pork ribs. It cuts down on cooking time while still serving up delicious dishes to your customers. This double happiness high pressure cooker is a reliable brand original from China factory. Made from aluminium alloy of high quality, it features a fast heat diffusing bottom and good heat retention body. It is special use on a gas stove. Plus, the lid equips with a safety lock to improve the safety of use in a busy commercial kitchen. This pressure cooker has a cooking capacity of 33 liters which can serve for 50 to 60 persons at a time.

36cm aluminium pressure cooker serve for 55 person per

Product Specification

Product name

High pressure cooker



Cooker size




Cooking capacity


Serve for

50 to 60 persons


Gas stove



Body thickness


Lid thickness


Product Properties

1. This pressure cooker is made of solid aluminum construction can only use on gas stove

2. It features a safety valve and locking lid for safe operation in a busy commercial kitchen

3. It mimics the effect of braising or simmering which is perfect for preparing rice and pot roast

4. High pressure cooker cooks food faster compare to traditional cooker, and more energy saving

5. This gas pressure has a capacity of 33 liters and can serve to 55 persons per time

commercial pressure cooker with capacity of 33liter

restaurant pressure cooker with lock lid for safety use

high pressure cooker for fast cooking meat

double happiness pressure cooker CYLC3601R

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