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Top 5 of Kitchen Equipment for A Western Restaurant
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Top 5 of Kitchen Equipment for A Western Restaurant

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commercial kitchen equipment

The kitchen equipment in western restaurant to make food is different from Chinese restaurant. In addition to the taste, western food pays more attention to the maturity and nutrition of the dishes. They make the flavors and sauces with roast, fry, grill and saute. What's more, the kitchen usually divides into cooking zoon, cold room and pastry room. Therefore, there are 5 must have equipment in a western restaurant.

commercial electric griddle

Commercial Electric Griddle High Power 12KW Cast Iron Flat Top

The high power electric griddle is suitable for beef, meat and vegetable. It has the characteristics of simple operation and fast heat. This equipment can realize the roast, frying, and grill of meat products in a short time.

commercial oven for bread

Gas Oven for Baking 2 Deck 4 Tray High Power Commercial Bread Pizza Maker

Deck oven is an important equipment for western-style bakery food. It can roast at high or low temperature. The oven can bake pizza, bread and chicken. It can well control the color and softness of pastry and meat.

commercial electric deep fryer

Electric Deep Fryer 27 Liter Dual Tank with Oil Filter Automatic Frying Machine

For western food, the indispensable cooking equipment is the fryer. The fryer can cook related fried foods such as fried chicken, fried potato and fried onions. These foods often appear on the table at western restaurant.

commercial refrigerator freezer

Upright Deep Freezer Stainless Steel Frost Free Two Door Freezer -18~-22°C

It is important for a restaurant kitchen to maintain the freshness of food. Only fresh food can ensure food hygiene and taste. The commercial refrigerator freezer has a temperature range from -22°C to +8°C. It can quick frozen hot coffee and cold drinks. What's more, a refrigerator can store the meat and vegetable for a long time.

ice cream maker

Ice Cream Maker Single Flavor Stainless Steel Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Many guests will order ice cream before or after a meal as a surprise for small children or older children. What's more, the ice cream maker can make ice cream in multiple colors. Therefore, it would be more popular to have ice cream machines in restaurants.

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