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The magic of cooking outdoors and indoors
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The magic of cooking outdoors and indoors

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With the rapid development of the global economy, more and more people are pursuing a healthy lifestyle. In recent years, people have preferred to go outside for a breath of fresh air rather than staying at home. Outdoor activities such as picnics and camping are on the rise in various countries. It also caused a wave of buying outdoor gear. The portable stove to introduce below is one of the most popular products in recent years. Cassette stove also call portable butane gas stove; portable barbecue stove. The cassette furnace uses butane gas as the main gas, liquefied gas and other gases as the fuel for direct fire heating. This mini cassette stove can carry in a school bag anytime. Especially suitable for going out camping. It can also pair with a variety of pots to suit your cooking needs.


Since this is a Japanese brand, its market share in Japan has reached more than 50%. This means that half of Japanese households will equip with such a cassette stove. Not only in Japan, even his market share in other countries is gradually increasing. Because it can meet the needs of indoor and outdoor use at the same time. And the stove can reuse many times, just by changing the fuel bottle. Depending on the stove, a 250g Iwatani fuel bottle can burn for anywhere from 70 to 120 minutes. The weight of a stove is about 2.2kg, and the fuel bottle of 250g is only 2.45kg. So, it satisfies the need for lightness and compactness very well. This may also one of the reasons for its growing popularity.


You can also rest assured in its design. Since it is a Japanese brand, it is very strict in terms of quality. The whole furnace is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The exterior spray with high-quality paint, which makes its exterior look even more attractive. Painting can not only slow down the oxidation rate of aluminum alloys, but also reduce the difficulty of cleaning. Inside the furnace, the furnace core is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which can effectively resist the high temperature generated during use. Guarantee the life of the furnace. Eliminate the need for traditional musket ignition, and use electronic ignition instead, which improves the safety of use. In terms of switches, in order to prevent children from playing indiscriminately, a switch with resistance design, which can also improve the safety of use.


It is necessary to talk about its details. The four plastic feet on the bottom of the stove can effectively prevent slipping. It also helps the heat escape from the bottom. Because the plastic feet on the bottom are about 1 cm high, this makes the bottom of the stove separate from the ground. Another one is that its air inlet adopts a new type of magnetic suction port, which can intelligently cut off the air and improve safety. The last one is that its edges and corners handle very well, and there is no sharp edge around the entire stove.


This is some general information about the new stoves that our company has recently launched. Of course, we also sell alcohol stoves and some other brands of portable stoves. Contact us if you are interested. However, due to possible shipping regulations, we may  unable to provide you with gas tanks. Please also understand.

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