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The different of the bread in China and other countries
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The different of the bread in China and other countries

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The so-called bread, is to use wheat and other food crops as the basic raw materials, first ground into powder. Then add water, salt, yeast, etc. to knead the dough and make dough blanks. And then heat the food made by baking, roasting, steaming, frying, etc. In addition to rye flour, wheat flour, buckwheat flour, brown rice flour, corn flour, etc. Some breads are yeast-raised and become more fluffy and softer during baking. There are many other breads that are just the opposite and don't need leavening. Although the ingredients and production process are different, they are all called bread. There are many kinds of bread with different flavors. However, it is high-calorie carbohydrate foods, and eating more is easy to gain weight. When the temperature is high, it is soft and delicious. But it will become hard at low temperature, and the flavor and taste will much worse.


People in European countries often eat hard European bread, baguettes and so on. However, in domestic bakeries, soft and sweet white bread or Danish bread with a particularly high fat content. This is close to dessert, is common in domestic bakeries. However, due to the different varieties, it is not easy to compare which is delicious and which is not. It's a matter of your own taste preference. Of course, because bread has a long history in Europe. It also occupies a very important unit in food culture. Therefore, the same kind of bread, if you find a small shop in Europe. It may be more popular than China. Just like you eat specialties from other places in your country. It is difficult to eat delicious food. Therefore, whether the taste of bread is delicious or not depends on the personal taste preferences of consumers. And cannot generalized.


As for why the popular bread categories in China are very different from those in Europe. It may cause by the status of bread in different food cultures. Bread is to Europeans what white rice steamed buns and various other common rice-flour staples are to the Chinese. Many European countries treat bread as a staple food. And in China, we usually treat bread as a dessert or this breakfast. But in most western countries, when they eat bread, they definitely don't just eat bread. They usually eat it with a layer of chocolate sauce or butter. Just like we seldom eat white rice steamed buns alone, we will eat them with dishes. In this way, the taste of white rice steamed buns will not monotonous.


There are also differences between China and other countries in how bread is made. Most of the bread in China is made by steaming. Only in some bakeries or some other western-style pastry houses will use the oven or oven to make it. In western countries, bakers usually use ovens or ovens to make bread. So, this may be one of the reasons why Chinese bread is different in hardness and color from bread in other countries. Even so, there is still no resistance to the competition between breads, and there is an increasingly fierce trend. The bread styles from all over the world are also emerging in an endless stream, and people's choices are also becoming more and more diverse. It has also become difficult for people to choose a healthy. And affordable bread among these various types of bread.


Many people think that bread such as steamed bread is not healthy. So, some bakeries in China have begun to focus on healthy-style bread. In fact, even if it can't be said that they are selling dog meat with sheep's heads. After all, the health of their products is very limited, but they are better than steamed buns. The main products of these bakeries are actually fluffy European-style bread. But it looks like the kind of hard European-style bread. And it is actually very soft and suitable for Chinese tastes. Because there is a little coarser grain, the bread will unable to build up the gluten. And it will be very unpalatable. In addition, in order to make it soft and delicious, a lot of cheese and nuts are usually added. These nutrients are good, but the calories are also quite high.


Today's bread is rich in egg aroma, tender on the outside and tender on the inside. It is really delicious in the world when you take a light bite. Baking is not only for better eating, but also to allow ourselves to enjoy it more. But when we are immersed in it, we will discover the beauty of baking. Wish everyone in the world had bread to eat.

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