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Essential Equipment For Opening A Milk Tea Shop
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Essential Equipment For Opening A Milk Tea Shop

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In recent years, milk tea from China has swept the world. If you open a milk tea shop, how many kinds of equipment will you use? Below, I will introduce some of the milk tea shop equipment.

milk tea shop equiment

The water bar is the main console for making milk tea. A cleaning pool at both ends. Which is convenient for cleaning the making utensils and daily water. One of the main sources of water for the milk tea shop. A ice storage tank in the middle.Convenient for taking ice during production. In order to save space and make full use of the bar space, small racks and locker specially designed for facilitate placing items. Many round holes around the bar to facilitate water leakage. It can effectively reduce the accumulation of water on the bar.

Bubble tea shop water bar

The fully automatic ice maker can combined with the bar to form a whole countertop. It can embedded in the water bar. This design makes the combination of ice maker and water bar more flexible. It made into a normal temperature water bar embedded in the ice maker. What’s more, it made into a water bar with refrigeration, freezing or dual temperature functions.

The fully automatic ice maker

The bubble tea shaker can help the operator to fully mix raw materials, such as tea and juice. It can not only makes the taste better, but also saves manpower to the greatest extent.

The fully automatic bubble tea shaker

The fructose batching machine is a precision device. It adds a certain amount of candy to beverages and function is to set a certain amount of fructose. The quantification is very important. It affects the taste of beverages as well. So standardization of each beverage is very important.

Intelligent fructose quantitative machine

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