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Do you want to customize buffet table?
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Do you want to customize buffet table?

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This article is going to talk about the table dedicated for buffet.

Please allow me ask you a question first. When you go to a buffet restaurant. How are the dishes set in the restaurant? Set on a normal round or square table?Or on a food showcase?

The buffet in China also has Chinese and British. But both of them have the same equipment. Just the different from the dishes. So, I’m only talking about buffet tables from my company here, not dishes. For a buffet restaurant, lots of the appliances need to customize according to the place. So, when you go to find a manufacturer, please measure the site data first. Because the worker could recommend the table in the line with the data you supposed. However, if your restaurant is near the factory, you can ask the engineer to measure the data by himself.


In order attract customers, you ought to provide a variety of dishes. This requires you must take the measure to keep the food fresh. Thus, you need an equipment that can both heat and cool. I recommend this this buffet table for you. It can help you deal with many questions. First, above the picture is a Fresh-keeping area. With a dust cover is a fresh-keeping area for salad and fruits. The small holes at the bottom of it can help it to better convey with cold air. On the other side is the fresh-keeping area for seafood. The bottom of this area is made of marble to conduct cold air. After a certain amount of time, ice cubes will form on the bottom. So, you can also put ice cubes on it ahead of time.


On the other side of the table, it divided into 2 parts. The one you see with the red iron plate is the heat preservation zone. The same is true of heat transfer through marble. But be careful not to put food directly on it, as this may cause safety problems. Opposite it is a series of scoreboards. The number of the scoreboard can determine by the size of the buffet table. Therefore, don’t worried it can’t fit for the table. What’s more, if you think that the dustproof above it is unsuitable. Maybe too small, maybe to big. Just speak out, please, we can design it by your requirements.


Have you noticed the blue light and the crystal column on the table? There are mainly two intentions. As we all know, the blue usually use for sterilization. In this physical measure, the food can be protected well. The crystal columns are mainly use for lighting. Besides, both of them can change the color sightly. Then make the food looks delicious. Under the countertop, a range of locker. This improves the table’s utilization. They can help you store a lot of things in your cabinets. By the way, the patterns in the crystal column can customized by your ideas. In the blank space, you can also customize the advertisement paper and stick it on it. Does it sound great?


Well, in this article, I just introduce a kind of the buffet table for restaurant. If you want to custom one. Or you want to purchase some buffet wares, please contact us. You can also leave me your questions and e-mail address; we will reply you as soon as possible.

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