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Airplane Themed Buffet Restaurant in France
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Airplane Themed Buffet Restaurant in France

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Imagine you sit in the airport and eating without buying a ticket. And you are not getting on the plane, or entering the airport. How to make this come true? The super science fiction airplane theme restaurant LE GRAND AIGLE will take you to realize this kind of fantastic dining experience!

theme restaurant

The matte blue leather chairs imitate the cabin seat. The front bar counter imitates the airport boarding gate. The grey-toned blue and white marble floor have retro and modern styles. The most eye-catching restaurant equipment is the two airplane-mold buffet tables. The appearance of the buffet table is like an airplane. The ceiling is a projection of the starry sky.

buffet table for restaurant

restaurant dining room

restaurant dining sofa

When you walk into the restaurant, you can see a bar counter with blue sky windows. This make you feel like walking into the boarding gate. On top of the bar counter there is a large display screen for menus. It is like a boarding schedule screen at the airport. There are many signs for dining also imitate the boarding signs. The dining room is an imitation of cabin.

bar counter

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